Monday, 18 May 2009

Guy Bourdin

Yesterday I managed to get myself down to the Guy Bourdin 'Unseen' show at The Wapping Project and me oh my, what a show! If you are even remotely interested in the work of this genius, then you have to make sure you get yourself over to the show. The discovery of this work, by possibly the one fashion photographer who influences more of the current A list fashion shooters than any other, could be like that of what the discovery of the Rosetta stone has done for our understanding of ancient Egypt! Bourdin was such a private and closely guarded artist that to discover these hidden treasures, is like finally being able to see where fashion photographers have been going wrong in their loose but literal imitations ever since!

Thursday, 7 May 2009


This is kind of a slideshow video piece I made in my 2nd year at Uni based on Loss. It was a really personal piece of work at the time of which I wish I had more time to work on again and expand.....maybe some day!

The Sexiest advert ever!

When the world is about to end, please find me this bath, this model and lots of flakes!