Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Stylehunter National Awards

For 7 weeks Grazia are sending me around the UK and Ireland aided by the true stylehunter herself, Hannah Almassi from Grazia, in search of the UK's best dressed. The tour takes in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast and finally finishing in London.

So far, we've already covered Edinburgh, which required fighting through hundreds of mime artists and stage school kids (it was the start of the Edinburgh fringe festival), Glasgow, which was a pretty damp day and Leeds which seems to have some pretty fantastic places to eat! I went off on holiday last week to Marbella, so somebody else covered Manchester and then tomorrow I head off to Nottingham and Birmingham on Friday!

You can check out the full details as usual at www.graziadaily.co.uk/stylehunter or http://promo.bauermedia.co.uk/stylehunter/Home

New York

I nipped over to New York recently and once all the work was done I had a little time to wander around the streets. This was my 1st visit stateside and so I felt somewhat like a kid in Toys-R-Us. I just loved the people and the vibe and set off to discover its little gems. After wandering around for about 5 hrs in flip-flops, my feet were both filthy and aching so being in Chinatown by that point, I treated those poor feet to a massage!

Ibiza behind the scenes

Whenever I go away on working trips I like to carry my trusty lil' Yashica T5 and take a few touristy snaps on the side. These are a couple taken on my trip to Ibiza last month which just make me want to be back out there at the Blue Marlin Bar going for a swim in that lush water!