Thursday, 26 November 2009

Luella rings the bella

I know I'm like the slowest blogger ever to comment on this, but it is sad to hear the closure of clothing label 'Luella' this month. I do have an excuse, I was out of the country and the news failed to reach me 'til I returned, but surely the beauty of a new Luella dress is not going to be stolen from our streets forever is it? Lets just hope the phoenix rises from the flames sooner rather than later!

Tom Tom

This is Tom. Tom is my housemate. Tom was given a nice new suit from a company called Suitopia. Tom was so happy about it we thought we take some pics of him in it!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The high harems & a young Super Mario

Bedouin Girl

I recently went on a little trip to Egypt and was very intrigued by this little bedouin girl. She was guiding the camels as I went through a valley in the Sinai desert and despite me understanding nothing she was saying, I got the jist that this little girl was a feisty little madame who was clearly the ring leader of her friends. I allowed her to take a picture of me too and when her friends wanted a go, she snapped at me "No!, don't let them!" with a very serious look; and when I agreed, she cackled like a little old lady! Ha! Love it!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Chic, China & Chanel

Qian looks very chic in her colourful coat from China and you can't really go wrong with the little bag from Chanel

The Nordic Knight

I love this little off-duty model look with the tough boots and all black layers giving her frame some nice shape and completely contrasting from her ice blonde Scandanavian/Nordic beauty!

A little lady lace loves London

Here is the very cute Hayley Ringguth wearing some very fetching lace tights mixed with some warm vintage pieces who I photographed for Grazia on a very cold Autumn day recently.

Friday, 6 November 2009

The Monster Scarf!

It's starting to get pretty cold again and when you hanging about on the streets looking for people, you certainly feel it! I've noticed that the big scarves, big hoods and lots of layering have started to take over the streets with the women! Gemma here wears a mixture of Topshop (Coat & Boots) and Primark (Scarf) with a nice Chanel bag to glam it up! She certainly looks pretty chic for the turn of the weather!

50s Geek

With the change in Men's fashion trends over recent times, it appears that the geek is more of an icon than the grease monkey these days. In the same way that the nerds of the breakfast club suddenly became cooler than the jocks in the 80s, as we continue our obsession with all things 50s in the late noughties, Eugene now has more street cred than Danny Zuko! I personally love the rise of the tailored mens look and I think the great fashion blogger the Sartorialist has a lot to do with its rise in popularity through his love of the cloth! It may be simply a London demography thing here in the UK at the min, but who knows whether we will actually see the metrosexuals of provincial Britain take this trend on eventually too? Its about time they got away from all those pink printed t-shirts and Toni & Guy haircut!

Roll out the Geek!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


This is Elsa Andrade who we caught out and about the other day wearing a top hat and jacket from Zara, ripped up denim shorts and boots from Brighton.

On the streets this week - Sloane Square

Ali wears black knee high boots from Cole Haan, Hermès bag, a black coat from Zara, a Zadig & Voltaire smock dress and supersize sunnies from D&G

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Holly & Wil

Here's a couple of shots from a recent little story I shot with my friends Holly & Wil.


Monday, 2 November 2009

The stylehunter herself!

Ok, I might be biased here but when out and about stylehunting the other day my partner in crime, Grazia's Hannah Almassi, did look pretty amazing herself and I felt it was time she was style hunted too!