Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter has landed

With the freezing temps and snow falling here in London right now, I would quite gladly be hiding away under a huge cape like Nia Jones's she picked up from a shop in the Welsh countryside and her lovely faux-fur hat. To see the full details check out this week's Grazia stylehunter

Outside Chloe

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lessons from the Viking girl

Sarah Greenwell was certainly dressed well for the London weather on her weekend trip from Denmark with her boyfriend. Her Best Behaviour black bag seems perfect for keeping practically everything you would ever need in there, but the beauty is in the contrast between the skinny jeans, leather jacket and the schuh black wedges against the looseness of the knitted poncho, rolled up marl socks and the layering of the snood (how I do love a good snood!). Its a simple looking outfit, but upon close inspection you can see that she has creatively thought this one out. I like very much!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Danielle Copperman

Photography: Phill Taylor
Styling: Hannah Almassi
Hair: Josh Goodwin
Make-Up: Nancy Sumner
Model: Danielle Copperman @ Select

Leaving Valli

The amazing Alice Hawkins

A few months back I assisted the wonderful Alice Hawkins on this beautiful video. Alice is a photographer whom I have worked with for a couple of years now and been lucky enough to go on many adventures with. I have always loved Alice's work and learning from her has been a constant source of inspiration.

Below is her latest contribution to another of my former places of work, SHOWstudio.com. Alice has gained a reputation and following for her portraits of the glamorous ladies and gentlemen of regular society, whom wouldn't ordinarily be considered for a fashion story. I always find it interesting that Alice's work highlights that a love of fashion and glamour exists with that lady down the end of the street, somebody's Nan or that well dressed gentleman who works at the local WMC and not just the editors and style icons adorning fashion spreads or blogs such as mine.

Enjoy the video and be sure to check out more of Alice's work too

SHOWstudio/Alice Hawkins - The Good Life


Alice on the beach in Italy on a random trip a while back

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Autumn Morning

When me and my style hunting buddy Hannah Almassi first spotted Apphia Michael in Hackney, she was playing with her beautiful dog in the park and we thought she just looked so cool that it was set for a picture right there. However, we were on a bus and couldn't stop and so thought we had missed a perfect girl for Grazia. But luck was on our side when, as we were walking along looking for people a little later, Apphia, boyfriend and Marlowe (her dog) happened to appear to us once more, again all looking too god damn cool, and so we managed to get this beautiful picture. To see Hannah's wonderful write up and find out more about the clothes go to graziadaily.co.uk or check out the stylehunter section in next weeks print.

Monday, 22 November 2010

She wore a raspberry beret.....

That song couldn't be more perfect for Vicki Murdoch but you could be fooled into thinking that she was actually wandering the streets of Paris in her beautiful bright red coat, which even as I stopped her people were asking where it was from. The answer....it's Vintage Dotty P, bought about 3 sizes too big to look almost like a cape, brilliant! Vicki was almost floating around looking very happy and cheerful having just been in a meeting with clients about her scarf designs through her company silkenfavours.com and so it therefore turned out that Vicki is the very talented artist/designer of the beautiful scarf she is in fact wearing. As ever, check out the Grazia page for further details and the rest of Stylehunter in the magazine next week.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Anna's Worth it

Anna arriving at the Viktor and Rolf Show in the Worth Couture Jacket from Autumn/Winter 2010

Black Chic of the family

Despite trying to find colourful outfits on the day I saw stylist Annette Masterman, I absolutely had to get a photograph of her as she just looked so god damn cool! Her vintage Mint Clothing trench and Falke leggings created this beautiful silhouette and with the Tory Burch shoes she just looks like she'll take no shit from anybody, finish it with a Mulberry bag and this chick rocks. Love it!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Golden Girl

There was something about the way 24 yr old Hetty Shirley held herself the morning I saw her that made her stand out so much. Hetty was on her way to a job interview and so clearly was in the 'be confident' mode. I don't know whether Hetty got the job she was after or not, but obviously its a good boost being told you look so amazing that you have to be photographed for Grazia. Other than the fact that I think Hetty could have looked good wearing anything that day, you have to love the dark colour of the Yohji Yamamoto trench against the white of the vintage Agnes B midi skirt and the beautiful vintage 70s boots passed down from her Mum. You can't see it in the photo, but she also had a well and truly battered camera bag of her Dad's that looked like it had been the personal property of Don McCullin or Larry Clark circa '69, that she had somehow made look perfect as a handbag.

Monday, 15 November 2010


I stumbled across a few pics that I had taken after a job in Miami earlier this year that I had completely forgotten about so I thought I would share.

Bright Eyes

This is 22 yr old vintage-clothing blogger Jessica Stein in all her vintage finding glory. The main piece though being that amazing skirt she picked up in Berlin which is certainly brightens these miserable cloudy days in London right now! Check out Grazia as usual for the stylehunter write up

Backstage at Anastase

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Wellington's Woman

The wonderful thing about living in East London is the experimental nature of the inhabitants in their approach to dressing up for the day. Just every now and again amidst the horrors, a little gem appears to put a smile on your face. Lili Weiss here is certainly one of them in her beautiful Waterloo-esque military jacket she picked up in a military vintage store. I love the feminine feel she adds to such an obvious masculine statement piece with her vero moda dress and the touch of 70s fabulousness with her big Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, finished with the Bertie boots which coordinate so well with the black in the jacket and the lenses of the glasses - in all a beautiful ensemble. Check out Grazia Magazine online or this Tues in print for the full details.

Ray Ban Baby

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Caramel, Cream, Beige, Camel, Coffee or Tan?

This is 22 yr old Rachel Evans in her mixture of tones for a smart but caual ensemble. Her pieces range from a Topshop blazer, a vintage peachy marl knit, mulberry bag and finishing with some loafers. Check out the Grazia site for a full write up or in this week's print.

Issa looking good!

Throughout the fashion shows Tank Magazine joint owner Caroline Issa always arrives looking beautiful and chic. Her style seems so relaxed and effortless using maybe one key piece that stands out mixed with high street and designer items. She's also another contender for the sweetest person to photograph at the shows too, as you're never greeted with anything less than a big smile!

Shoes in shots 2 and 4 - Alejandro Ingelmo

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Flower Market

This is 24 yr old Nina Johnston looking very Autumnal down in the East End recently. Nina wears a red American Apparel chiffon skirt mixed with her Vintage finds in a Navy striped jumper, tartan scarf and a gold buckled belt. Check out the full write up at Grazia UK

Julia arrives for Chanel

Monday, 1 November 2010

60s London - Madeline Smith

This is 19 yr old Madeline Smith who was spotted at the Frieze Art Fair recently looking like she had emerged straight from the winter on the Kings Road in the swinging 60s.

Madeline's outfit consists of the most amazing hat ever from a milliners in Paris teamed with some hard work searching around the vintage and second-hand shops of the world to create the look she was going for. The full write up can be seen in Grazia Magazine

Gala Gonzalez

We bumped into blogger Gala Gonzalez recently whilst on the style hunt for Grazia at the famous Columbia Road Flower Market and were very excited by her bohemian style. Gala's hugely succesful blog Amlul.com is certainly worth a hit and shows her great knowledge of all things fashion.

Here Gala wears a maxi cardigan, chiffon trousers and feathered floppy hat from Topshop and boots from Beau Coops. As ever, check out the full write up at Grazia Daily