Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free Blood

This girl I had never encountered before the Topshop Unique show this weekend at London Fashion Week, but I know who she is now!!! Charlotte Free introduced herself to all the street photographers by bursting out the doors, leap frogging over a wall and steps and screaming "oh my god, no way! I fucking love Geese!". She then proceeded to chase 2 Canadian Geese that had appeared from the Thames behind us.

So upon a bit of investigating it appears that L.A. native Charlotte is the new wild child on the scene and I can see why. She seemed the sort of girl who might actually start a fight with you in her tracksuit bottoms and printed t-shirt. Nonetheless I quite like this girl. She's interesting, she's exciting and she seems like she doesn't belong in this industry, which is exactly what I love. Keep note of her name, I think she's gonna be waking us all up!