Monday, 27 June 2011


So Glastonbury 2011 has finally ended and the majority of people are heading home through the endless snail pace traffic jams (unless your Kate Moss who just takes a helicopter!). As much as Glastonbury is amazing though, I lasted a whole 24hrs before I had to (thankfully) get back to London. The endless deep, sticky, mud is more than I can handle for too long.

So, thankfully there was a period of time where the rain was not pouring and a little bit of fashion popped out from under the rain macs. Doing this job is never easy at the best of times and when you watch 200,000 people walk by its hard to spot the 10 or 15 that actually do look like they've made an effort to look good. Nonetheless, check out this week's Grazia UK to see the best of Glastonbury 2011 fashion folk and for now, here is a very sweet girl in dungarees called Sophia!


  1. you are very nice;)
    I like the romper

  2. love how she matched sheer blouse to denim romper

  3. She looks awesome!