Wednesday, 31 August 2011

First thing in the morning

I can't remember the name of this model (if you know it, please tell me!), but she seemed really cool and had quite an interest in photography too, so we chatted about our love for the Yashica T5 (my camera of choice here). But it was also my love for something I can appreciate more now we are getting to the end of the Summer and that is the early morning Spring light. The point before it spills over the top of the buildings and there is a strange calmness in the air as people go for their coffees and wander to work.


Tommy to the top!

I thought I'd share these little photos as they remind of the fun of fashion week, but also to celebrate just how amazing little Tommy has become! As much as I have to suffer abuse from the likes of him and Streetpeeper's Phil Oh the whole time, nobody can deny that Tommy truly has an eye that nobody else can match and has thus become one of the most influential photographers in the world today! It's amazing to watch him rise through the fashion world on a daily basis and it seems like there is no stopping the Ton Train now!

I'm sure you've all seen his work by now, but in case you live in a world without computers or fashion, here is his blog Jak and Jil

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sonisphere - Knebworth

It couldn't be further from the glamour of fashion week, but recently FHM sent me to Sonisphere Rock Festival at Knebworth to capture the intensity of 190,000 Slipknot, Metallica, Slayer, Limp Bizkit, Motörhead and many other rock fans.

Despite being nearly hit with condoms of piss as the two sides of the audience pelted each other, grim heavy rain and zero chance of sleep, it was an eventful weekend and I met many interesting hardcore fans of the various bands. What fascinated me the most to note about this subculture is the difference between the older crowds and the younger. It seems that most of the kids into rock and metal these days (and I'm talking 16 year olds here) aren't dedicating themselves in the same way as the original fans in the '80s and '90s. That's not a criticism, but just an evaluation of our chop-and-change culture and the daily urge for individualism - nowadays its more about saying "you've got the T-Shirt" rather than living the lifestyle and on a Monday, if you have the right t-shirt, you're a hard metal fan at Sonisphere and tomorrow you're into grime and heading to a rave in New Cross. The long-term rock lovers have the tats, piercings and (you imagine) the lifestyles of real hardcore fans - and they made for the most engaging pictures, don't you think?

Orange and Black

Androgyny in Paris

Finally I am getting around to updating you with a few pictures. Apologies for the lack of activity here, but I have been shooting for pretty much two months solid and preferring to give you quality over quantity on Taylor-Made needs time to edit the best of what I shoot.

So, a free Sunday and couple of pictures to get you going again!

Vanessa Bruno for Red Magazine September Issue