Monday, 24 October 2011

Cozy Fashion Week

There's one thing that makes London style stand out against the likes of Paris and New York and that is the relaxed attitude to fashion we have. There was nowhere more evident of that than at London Fashion Week this season as all around the British fash pack turned out in their casual, but cool jumpers. One could say that its London, its cold, therefore you need a jumper, but to be honest its wasn't that cold as far as a September in London can be, so it was a conscious effort to follow this trend.

The jury is out though as to whether this is just London's "what ever, I'll do what I want" attitude (must be said in the voice of Eric Cartman btw) and this is what makes London cool. Or whether we're actually a bunch of lazy scruff-bags who don't really make any effort to be glamorous no matter what the occasion?

Either way, I think everybody here still looks pretty cool.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Freja supporting

Freja was supporting this charity and seemed to feel very strongly for its cause, so in support of that here she is in all her beauty with the details of the charity trying to prevent childhood malnutrition.

Please follow the link to sign the petition.

Dudley for Supremebeing SS12

Shot as part of the ad campaign for British urban brand Supremebeing this year, this is Dudley, the most likeable male model ever, who has an obsession for sweets and World of Warcraft and who I got to spend a few days with just having such a laugh.

It also turns out according to the news that Dudley has apparently caught the eye of Rihanna whilst filming with her on her latest video. Good on you Duds!

Be sure to check out Supremebeing at or the shoot on my site at

Saturday, 1 October 2011