Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mr. Alexander Fury in Mary Katrantzou

Mr. Fury is the fashion journalistic power behind Nick Knight's SHOWstudio.com and somebody I have known since I was a budding intern there many years ago and he had just joined the revolution that it is. Alex is now the person I enjoy a good moan with when fashion week is driving me mad and for him to pick me up with his witty anecdotes!

Alex is also fashion consultant to Mary Katrantzou and so after him begging for a long time I was overjoyed to see that Mary and the team had finally made him a little jacket like he'd always wanted and shut him up!


London 2011 on the streets

Samantha in London

The girl with the best smile - Sam Gradoville!

Marina and the Diamonds

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Next Girls

Featuring Next Models Karlie Kloss, Kate King, Ruby Aldridge and Zuzanna Bijoch from Paris Womens Wear SS12 shows.

Miranda Kerr after Stella McCartney

Style Hunter meets.....The wonderful Marian Kihogo

From the second edition of a new on-going Grazia UK feature by Hannah Almassi - "Style Hunter Meets" - is the wonderful stylist and blogger Marian Kihogo who I can quite honestly say was so much fun to spend the afternoon with as we went through her wonderful collection of clothing, each with a story to go with it in Marian's usual flamboyant fabulous manner. The feature is out in this week's issue of Grazia UK, but keep an eye out for many more upcoming exciting interviews and portraits in "Style Hunter Meets"!

If you don't know Marian's blog then check it out at Mariankihogo.com She is also genuinely worth a follow on twitter too for her daily pearls of wisdom! (@marian_kihogo).

Monday, 9 January 2012

FHM - Lewes Bonfire Festival

In November FHM UK sent me to Lewes to document the Pagan Bonfire Festival. The festival not only celebrates the annual British celebration of the gunpowder plot of 1605 by Guy Fawkes, but also the burning of 17 Protestant Martyrs. The festival has a strong anti-catholism/Popery theme thoughout and consist of hundreds of locals turning out in some of the most fantastic costumes with large effigies of not only the Pope, but also any other sources of evil such as a giant Rebecca Brooks riding on the back of Rupert Murdoch and a tank carrying Gaddafi driven by the Devil and Death.

Apparently the event is getting so large in numbers now that the tiny town of Lewes can barely handle the amount of people and it is policed by the largest amount of police officers in the country on November 5th. It's pretty hardcore as the participants walk through the tiny streets throwing bangers in front of the crowd which literally felt like they were splitting my ear-drums. I also nearly got hit by a flying lit torch that exploded when a banger hit it (injuries to the crowd do happen each year!).

Its fun nonetheless and certainly is worth the experience once in your life before it just gets too busy to handle. The various firework displays at the end are just amazing as they blow up the effigies in style!

Selfridges Bright Young Things

Last week saw the launch of Selfridges Bright Young Things which supports new design talent in the capital. I was pleased to see that both MASC (whom I have had a lot of involvement with since their launch) and Maarten van der Horst who's collection I shot for "Playing Fashion" last year have both been selected.

So I headed down to check out the newly unveiled window displays on Friday night and here is a little clip.You can view the full MASC collection at http://www.masc-studios.com  and Maarten van der Horst at http://www.maartenvanderhorst.com/


Slim Shady

Featuring models Frida Gustavsson, Kristina Salinovic, Magdalena Frackowiak, Melissa Tammerijn, Sara Blomqvist and the wonderful Natalie Joos.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Grazia Style Hunter - Statement Sweater

This is 18 yr old student Tanya Schubert who was over in London from Germany for the New Year standing out in her fabulous sweater. Check out Hannah Almassi's full low down at Grazia UK and remember the best comments about why you think the outfit works could appear in print.

This street style picture was shot using the new Fuji X100 camera.

Grazia Menswear

This is from a menswear shoot I recently shot for Grazia UK featuring singer songwriter Jonathan Jeremiah, Fashion writer Alex Butt, Hair Stylist Louis Cowley, Video producer Aaron Christian, Ralph Lauren brand stylist James Shepherd, Mr Porter's senior buyer Terry Betts and Individualism stylist Nigel Ruwende.

Gritty London

Sonia's Girls - Erjona, Marte and Mirte

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Olivia Palermo for Oliviapalermo.com

Olivia was in London for the British Fashion Awards at the end of November, so we decided it would be a great chance to take a few pictures for her site www.oliviapalermo.com

You can also view the recent interview I did for Olivia here

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Grazia Style Hunter

Despite the cold, rain and lack of sunshine in London, I have still been out and about scouring the streets for the best London street style for  Grazia UK and here is Matilda Lindmark whom we discovered on Brick Lane on New Years Eve doing some last minute shopping for her party outfit. Head over to Grazia UK to see the full low down on the outfit by my partner in crime Hannah Almassi, where your best comments can appear in print!

Biker Boys from Paris

Street Style Bags

Happy New Year to everybody. Here is the first post of 2012 featuring some eye catching bags from the Paris Spring Summer 12 shows.