Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Miami Swim Week - Samantha Drew

Next up from Swim Week is model Samantha Drew. Here's what Grazia had to say:

"The third street spotted girl from Miami Swim Week is Samantha Drew. She’s spun a kind of super ‘70s Marie Helvin vibe with her snakeprint BCBG romper, Plenty by Tracy Reese wedges and Givenchy headscarf. A peek of an L*Space bikini is holiday sight-seeing appropriate, and guess what? We discovered you can buy these things discounted at a snazzy new website called Gilt.com."

Monday, 30 July 2012

Miami Swim Week - Olivia Lopez

Next up from Grazia Style Hunter and Miami Swim Week is the blogger Olivia Lopez (http://lusttforlife.com/) who's personal style is one of the most viewed on lookbook.nu. Here's the lowdown from Grazia's Hannah Almassi:

"Miami Swim Week’s second sun-drenched girl is Olivia Lopez. She swooped onto Style Hunter’s radar in this bright white maxi slip dress and shrugged white cotton biker jacket both from Club Monaco. Her extras - a neutral tan chain-handle Zara bag, black stappy Gucci sandals and tortoiseshell Miu Miu shades are achingly chic. But what do you like about Olivia’s all white goddess-worthy ensemble?"

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Miami Swim Week - Alexandra Aguilera

This is Alexandra Aguilera photographed for Grazia UK's style hunter on our recent trip to Miami Swim Week. Here's what Grazia's Hannah Almassi had to say:

"Style Hunter has spent the past few days in Miami lapping up the loveliness of Swim Week. In between the bikini, boobs and butt watching, we actually took some street snaps, too. And you can read up on the other top moments of the fashion extravaganza here. But our first street style favourite is the ultra-cool Alexandra Aguilera and her totally Texan cowgirl get up. Her jacket is vintage and was originally her mother’s, she’s paired it with a Zara paisley shirt, teeny Topshop skirt, Ray Ban aviators and some vintage boots. The Western vibe is a key part of Isabel Marant’s look for the new season, but by injecting a bit of body-con, Alexandra makes it modern and far far away from a dusty ol' saloon"

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

A wedding in the mountains

Recently I attended the wedding of Grazia's fashion editor Sophie Ferguson Jones and her now husband Charlie Baillie. As expected the wedding was a fashionable affair set in the mountains of Mijas, Spain. The beautiful bride wore a Rosa Clara gown and the groom and ushers were kitted out in kooples suits. I too wore a kooples suit, but thankfully not the same (who would have known Kooples had become so popular). Anyway, enjoy the pics of this Spanish dream wedding!

Caffé Swimwear S13, Miami Swim Week

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012


This is one of my dearest friends Brian Hogan photographed around 4 years ago. Brian has always been the friend of legend. I've never known somebody who would manage to fit so much into each day. He would always be the one friend who would find the time to call everybody each week. If we would be out for drinks, no matter what time we hit the sack, he would somehow be the first one up to fix a breakfast worthy of a TV show and witnessing one of Brian's parties was always a night to remember, as he would fix you a cocktail and hit up a few songs to sing for everybody. I always described Brian's voice as a male Aretha Franklin, it was always emotional when he hit those notes.

Above: Brian near his house in Nottingham in 2008

Exactly 3 years ago this week Brian was assaulted in an unprovoked attack. One simple punch to the face which knocked him out cold for a few seconds. The unknown assailant had followed Brian's group of friends and wanted to come back to Brian's house for drinks to which Brian had politely said "I'm sorry but I don't know you, have a good night, but I'm afraid its just for friends tonight".

Unknown to the ambulance that had checked over Brian and to the friends who accompanied him that evening, a lot more had been done to Brian than was visible and the signs that he had in fact hit his head and suffered a serious brain hemorrhage were not recognised. It wasn't until he had been put to bed and not woken up by early afternoon the next day that his friends discovered what had happened and he was rushed to the hospital.

That following week the views of the doctors seemed to be that Brian would not make it and his family and friends were told to prepare for the worst. Brian showed no signs that his brain was able to control the general functions that we all take for granted, body temperature, breathing, cognitive responses. But by some miracle after the first week of no changes, little by little over the course of the next four months Brian started to fight back and show some signs of a recovery.

Above: Me and Brian on one of many great drunken nights, 2009.

When Brian finally opened his eyes again for the first time, the celebrations of this miracle were greeted by the devastating news that Brian had lost his sight and tests showed that the pressure of the hemorrhage on the Brain had damaged the optic nerves permanently. In addition Brian had lost the use of the left side of his body.

Over the course of the past three years since, Brian has slowly been going through a rehabilitation process to help him get back to how he once was. Eventually he was able to move back to Ireland to be closer to his family in Limerick and despite great progress in his speech (he sings again when you ask him to) and his mind, there is the fundamental problem of his sight and mobility still there.

I have to commend Brian, he has used the situation to help others through the charity Headway and has been touring local schools to advise about the risks of head injuries, but all Brian wants more than anything again is to be able to see the world around him. There is hope though and Brian has managed to secure pioneering stem cell treatment in China that will aim to rebuild the optic nerves and hopefully give him at least some, if not his full, sight once again. Brian leaves for China tomorrow and his family has been tirelessly trying to raise the necessary funds to give him this opportunity, but they still need as much as they can to help pay for his treatment in China.

Above: Brian on a visit to see me in London in 2009

If you are interested in helping Brian in any way you can, please visit the blog his family have set up on his behalf at http://helpbrian.blogspot.co.uk/ and there are links through to donate.

Natalie Joos

Natalie always brightens up a day!

Charlotte Dellal on Style.com

Check out Charlotte Dellal's beauty tips on style.com

Photo by Phill Taylor

Catherine and Gary

Love these personal shots of friends Catherine and Gary in Spain

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Edie Campbell

I first saw Edie back on a job assisting Nick Knight a few years ago and I was absolutely fascinated by her face. Its rare that I actually manage to catch her between shows, but she always stands out for me like a young Jane Birkin wandering through the crowds.

Class of 2011

Took these a while ago as part of a beauty story that never ran, thought they still looked interesting....

Girls are L-R Bip LingRoz Jana, Joanna Tulej, Peony Lim, Quinta Witzel, Nadia Sarwar and I don't know the last 2 girls.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Codie Young

Codie is one model with a face that fascinates me and I always enjoy seeing her pop up in the editorials. If you're interested in Codie's world you should check out her blog at http://codie-young.blogspot.co.uk/